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Medicinal mushrooms

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Medicinal mushroom's virtues


Agaricus (agaricus blazei) is particularly suitable to support the body’s defence and operates its capacities in combating cancer, infecctions and allergy.

Korpus Energy Auricularia

Auricularia is considered as one of the oldest mushroom. It was already cultivated more than 1500 years ago in China in response to the strong demand. The use of the Auricularia to improve the human health is a tradition that has been perpetuated for centuries.


  • Support natural defences against different organic attacks.

  • Anti tumor

  • Regulates the body fluids

  • Struggles against  chronic exhaustion  and inflammation

  • Struggles against skin problems 

  • Improvements of intestinal functions


  • Hypoglycaemic 

  • Anticoagulant 

  • Anti tumor

  • Antithrombotic

  • Anti inflammatory 

  • Cardio protective 

  • Blood pressure regulator 

Korpu Energy Coprinus

Coprinus is one of the few edible mushroom whose efficiency hasn’t been discovered by the traditional chinese medicine but in Europe. This high-protein mushroom contains many essential amino -acids and a large number of minerals and trace -elements.


  • Improves blood circulation 

  • Better digestive function 

  • Decrease in the level of blood glucose 

  • Sedative for anxiety 

  • Virus control 

Korpus Energy Héricium

In the traditional Chinese medicine, hericium has been appreciated for centuries for its regulatory effects on body and human brain.
Nowadays, components contained in hericium have been widely studied and its nutritional properties have been scientifically confirmed.


  • Preventing the cerebral degeneration

  • Stimulation of the memory 

  • Reduction of tremor

  • Improves the conductivity of the nervous cells

  • Powerful anti inflammatory 

  • Antimicrobial 

  • Strengthens the myelin sheath around the nerves 

  • Beneficial effect on the nervous system 

  • Strengthens the physical, mental and sexual capacity 

  • Regenerates the neuronal cells

Korpus Energy Maïtaké

According to the legends, the Japanese healers have been excited when they discovered Maitake. Thanks to its healing powers , the mushroom is considered to be    a very precious mushroom.
Its culture began in the 80´s, it is used for human health  but also as an aromatic complement in a large number of dishes. 


  • adaptogen mushroom 

  • Hypotensive 

  • Prevent heart disease

  • Anticancer 

  • Antiviral 

  • Cholesterol-lowering 

  • Immunostimulant

  • Destructive of certain tumors


Pleurotus is an healthy element of a balanced diet but it is best known in Mycotherapy thanks to its high content in protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Pleurotus produces excellent vital substances which include the vitamins B,C,D, folic acid, and copper. Vitamins B play a significant role in energy production of the organism. And they are also necessary for the proper functioning of nerve and muscle cells. 


  • Protection against free radicals

  • Reducing the rate of lipids

  • Tumor inhibiting effect

  • Support in case of loss of weight 

  • Endocrine system

  • Against shortcomings

Korpus Energy Polyporus

We assumed that Polyporus have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine as a traditional and naturel antibiotic for more than 1000 years. Its strongly anti bacterial action is very useful to disinfect the wounds and strengthen  the whole organism. It’s also known as a diuretic substance which regulates the lymphatic circulation. 

Korpus Energy Reishi

In the  Chinese traditional medicine, Reishi is known as the « immortality mushroom » it is considered as one of the most efficient and polyvalent to boost the human body. Number of its traditional impacts have now been proved in scientific studies. 

Les Vertus

  • Powerful draining 

  • Regulates the blood pressure regulation 

  • Antibiotic

  • Antioxidant

  • Modulation of the immune system a powerful anti bactericidal 

  • Regulator of the lymphatic system

  • Regulator of fluids into the body


  • Antioxidant and anti-aging 

  • The most polyvalent mushroom 

  • Powerful anti bacterial 

  • Antiviral

  • Protection of the organism 

  • Disease protection 

  • Regulator of the nervous system 

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